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"That Disappointed and Amused Me at the Same Time"

About a year ago, I put an advert online for a specific type of female slave. There was one girl who said that she was in London, was 23 and skinny and wanted to live the life of a slave. I was living in Shoreditch at the time and I met her at the nearby Liverpool Street station. When I met her I couldn't believe it, she was only 16 (which is fine from a legal perspective) but was annoying because it meant that we couldn't go to a bar (legal age 19).

So we went to a coffee bar and chatted and got to know each other. She was smart, but clearly from a damaged background. All of this explained a lot and as time went on, her neediness became annoying. In addition, as with some English girls, she was a little overweight and did not take care of her pussy to the levels that I would expect.

When she came to my home, the first thing I would do would be to test her pussy while hitting her. It was never perfect and I would always have to force her to take a cold shower while I watched and scrub her pussy. This happened every time we met and would genuinely annoy me. We would spend hours in our sessions and we explored our dark side and I found it was very dark indeed. Lots of sick ideas.

I once emptied my bladder directly into her anus (using a funnel), which she pushed out in a stream while she was crying in a cathartic way. She wanted to be fisted but the reality was that her cunt was so small that I could barely slip one finger into it. That disappointed and amused me at the same time.

D. Emilia

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