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Your Precious Soul? Sorry about that.

Surrendering our souls can leave us frozen. We know all the reasons to be afraid - everything that's hurt us in the past, everything that could easily do so again. So sometimes we're stuck - unable to let go; too afraid to crawl forward; the chains of our past firmly anchoring us back. Such as: I just can't do it / I'm not submissive enough / strong enough / brave enough to handle being hurt like that again.

In My time as pro domme, I've seen too many subs not giving themselves the permission to create the life of everlasting slavery that they want and for that they suffer in their everyday misery.

With each strike, I'm making you Mine. Taking your soul. Taking you away from the past and into your bruised but content future.

That said, I'm captivated by how author Frederick Buechner once described grace (or the 'empowered love' of One): like a gentle voice that says, "Here is the world. Terrible and beautiful things will happen. Don't be afraid. I am with you."

In O/our world? Terrible things will happen. You'll learn to love it.

Hug your soul. Then surrender to Me.

Madam Emilia


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