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"Your Mother Mary"

[A selected excerpt to my sissyboy]:

"Last night, before sleep, I thought about having you crawl on the floor (your natural place in My presence). I thought about having you sit on my knee, arms thrown around my neck, snuggling into my shoulder.

I told you how I loved my little boy and asked if you loved your Mommy? I could feel your head nod in my shoulder, you were almost too happy to speak a reply.

I then told you that I need to talk to you about your 'down there' place. You showed it to me and you said, 'What do you want to tell me about it?'

I started to touch it gently, explaining that I own it and that nobody is ever allowed to touch it because no-one will ever love you as much as your Mommy. I explain how Mommy can make it tingle and it will be all hard and make you happy. I tell you I'll show you and start touching you properly. You keep your head tucked into Mommy's shoulder and whimper while thanking me.

After you come, you have just enough energy to whisper 'I love you, Mommy' as I lay you on the bed and let you sleep. Smiling."

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