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A soul thing.

Everyone has a vanilla light side and a 'dark side'. The vanilla side is our public persona that people see. The 'dark side' is made of your submissive thoughts, desires and cravings. One that you and Mistress know what's going on inside.

Too many people go around today pretending—acting one way yet on the inside, they're thinking something totally different. Their soul and actions don't line up. Something has to give. Slave has to understand that a Goddess looks at the inside. s/he can fool a lot of people, but one can't fool Goddess.

It's not just a dream or a fantasy. It's fate. A soul thing.

Do this task over the weekend. Take stock of what's going on inside your soul. Are you at peace? Are you overlooking inadequacy? Do you believe the best in others? Is your submissive soul and actions lining up? If not, submit your ways to Madam and request to Her to give you what you crave. And deserve.


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