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I took a visiting friend to an omakase restaurant the other weekend. Omakase is a Japanese word that translates, "I will leave it up to you," which means customers let the chef choose their meal. Even though it was My friend's first time to try this type of cuisine and thought it risky, she loved the meal the chef had chosen to prepare. That idea carries over to one's submission on their pathway to genuine surrender and slavery.

Your training? It'll be so brutal that during those times, you give yourself to Me completely, with no thought for yourself. Smiling through tears. Hard. Confused. The happiest slave on earth.

You may crawl to your natural place (My feet) because your Madam wants to know what's in your soul. You as a male, being beta and finite and all, doesn't always know what's best, so it only makes sense to request with a humble slave spirit, in submission to Her. One can leave the answer to Her, confident that your Madam will choose to prepare what's good for you. And yes, you will be beaten to improve. It's what you crave. And deserve.


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