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Makes perfect sense.

Tonight, I thought I'd share yet another letter from one of My slaves. As you know, I'm always nervous about taking on a new plaything as they invariably fail to live up to My expectations. So...

Beloved Madam. Recently, my car stalled on my way home from work. The mechanic wasn't opened, just a few streets away. So I decided to walk home. As I shuffled along next to a busy road, I noticed something. Everyone else was moving so fast. As I rushed home, I had a realisation: We're so used to moving fast. All the time. Then, another realisation: I often expect Madam to move just as quickly. I want Her plans to fit my speedy timetable and to my desire to be owned.

Tick tock tick tock. I'm doing this because it's for your own good.

One longs for Madam to move quickly to firmly grasp the collar on our necks. Sometimes, it seems like She's late. But Madam's timeline for our enslavement is different. She accomplishes Her Dominance and Her control on Her timetable, not ours. You didn't think you were going to get a choice, did you?


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