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Her Greatest Gift

For your training, She will punish you, push you, dare you to say something back. That you are not to ever, ever speak against what She chooses to do with you.

For Her, She hopes to grow to adore you for every slap, cane, humiliation, degradation that you are to receive. That you receive with Joy in your heart.

Afterwards, you are to come crawling on your knees to Her, knowing that She is your Madam, Mistress - everything - and that She has your best interest in mind.

"Despite your suffering, I'm happy. Happy at know what will be." She does this because She wants you to be the perfect person and slave for Her. This is Her responsibility to you.

Her Greatest Gift for you to be aware and to be driven to improve.

Come to Me, little one. You are here for a reason. Madam Emilia

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