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Delayed gratification.

One would love to hear that if you stay in faith of your submission, if you believe, that your Madam will always answer your cravings for dominance within twenty-four hours (or at least within the first week). But we know that's not the reality. Madam promises that she will be true to Her word, but She never puts a timeframe on it. One must be aware that we need patience to see promises revealed. Sure, it would be easier if Madam told us when She will summon you to kneel, when your neck feels the clasp of Her collar or when the next punishing blow will come. But the truth is, that wouldn't take any faith to say, "Madam, I don't know when You are going to do it, but I trust You enough to believe You will do it, that the answer is already in my future (at Your feet)."

I just want to be shown your obedience and given your faith.

Today and every day let this be your affirming thought: "Madam, give the patience to accept Your timing."

Choose to keep believing, choose to serve Her and choose to accept Her timing, whether it's 22 minutes or 22 years; knowing that what Madam promised She will bring. That delayed gratification is what gives slavery its bite.

Madam Emilia


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