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Gagged Little One, Don't Say a Word

The slave had long been beaten, collared and confined when the sun had set. I was returning to the dungeon as to check for signs of life from My little kept one. This was its first time to experience an overnight. After verifying that its shackles were secured in the cage, I lit a few more candles and the slave huddled towards it for warmth. He seemed nervous and unsettled. Interesting that My slave seemed to murmur a word or two as well. Not sure how I feel about that...

'Madam, I exist to please You. Please hurt me as much as You want. I'll never complain.'

Soon the slave's nervousness was replaced with content and surrender. This was his natural place after all. In our darkest moments, a little one must be reminded of this simple truth:

You do not have to have the love of one to love The One.

And yes, despite you suffering, I'm happy. Happy at knowing what will be.

Madam Emilia


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