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How every day should be.

The strawberry 'cockeyed' squid dwells in the ocean's twilight zone, an alien environment that stretches around the whole globe and where sunlight barely filters through the deep waters. The squid's nickname is a reference to its two extremely different eyes: the left eye develops over time to become significantly larger than the right - almost twice as big. The squid uses its right eye, the smaller one, to look down into the darker depths. The larger, left eye, gazes upwards, towards the sunlight. The squid is perhaps a depiction of what it means to live in our present world and also in the future certainly that awaits for those who reach out for what they need. A brutal Madam.

And yes, it is My responsibility to train and use. I sincerely hope that you want to be a better person and that you will do absolutely anything to achieve that higher state.

As floor-crawlers awaiting to be collared by their Madam, one must keep an eye trained on what's happening in their present place (at My feet). But just as the squid's left eye develops over time into one's that larger and more sensitive, one too can grow in awareness of how to better predict, to an extent, what a Madam would want and need. One may not have yet fully grasped what it means to be in full servitude to Her, but as one looks 'up' (as permitted), one's eyes will begin to see it more and more. Wonderful.


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