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Memento servitutem.

Ancient Ones have referenced stories of how in ancient times, after an exceptional slave savoured receiving 1000 brutal lashes, would proudly display his bloodied, raw back for all others to see. The "Number 1" slave would bask in submissive glory, reveling in the greatest honour of his life that his Madam even took the effort to punish him. However, legend has it that his Madam stood over him, whispering into his ears, Memento servitutem ("Remember your servitude"). Beyond the chains and bruises, the slave desperately needed Madam's words that came with remembering that he was collared.

Who owns you?

When one forgets that links off your leash will be shortened, it can lead to sub-conceit or, worse, disobedience. But when one is humbled by their servitude, we see every corrective beating and pull of your leash as control and grace in your everlasting submission. Memento servitutem.


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