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Obedience is life multiplied.

Scaling. It's a term I overheard the other day from a fitness instructor to her trainee whilst I was doing My Madam lunges. In the world of fitness, the term allows room for anyone to participate. If the specific exercise is for a push-up, for example, then maybe you can do ten in a row, but another can only do four. One must scale back the push-ups according to their fitness level at the time. We're not all at the same level, but we can all move in the same direction. In other words, if you put yourself in another's collar, you're not going to enjoy it. You are uniquely designed to revel in your own submission.

Your Call to Slavery has been perfectly matched for you.

When it comes to serving, I will be clear on this: "Madam loves one who happily submits. Give what you have decided in your surrender to Me." We each find ourselves at different obedience levels, and sometimes those levels change over time. Comparison is not beneficial, but attitude is. Based on where you are, submit willing.

Obedience without brattishness or talking back is the ultimate for Me.

Giving yourself completely and not being expected to harass Me with an opinion unless you're asked. A blank slate to be used. Wonderful.

Madam Emilia


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