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Buttocks Hurt? Good.

You've not been treated properly by anyone and I'm here to fix that. Why BDSM is a Sacred Healing Art.

It's nothing to do with spanking, the pretty vibrators or seeing hot women in latex. Frankly, with the rise of the internet, it's possible to meet a different person every night of the week. This is not what this is about - this is something deeper and more profound. This is about Madam and slave and transcends the quick fix of vanilla relationships.

I know how submissive you are and that meeting a succession of pretty faces would do absolutely nothing to fill the aching gap you have. I understand completely and, as your Madam, I would be fulfilling it. Here's what you need to know.

Ancient Roots

The first human civilization - Mesopotamia - worshipped a female deity named Inanna - a 'Dominatrix Goddess' whose power was sexual. Archaeologists have uncovered ancient clay tablets – initiation rites involving gender transformation, punishment, pain ecstasy, lamentation and bringing about altered states of consciousness.¹

Science of BDSM

In a session there is release of the brain's feel-good neurotransmitters - dopamine, serotonin and vasopressin. 'These chemicals have been linked to feelings of happiness, tranquillity, joy, self-confidence and emotional well-being,' says Dr. Sandra LaMorgese of the Medical Daily². Wonderful. This means that I can push inside you properly when you visit. The funny thing is that I won't even ask first.

"sadomasochistic activities [...] to induce altered states of consciousness"

Form of Play Therapy

BDSM helps activate repressed emotions. With your Madam - a BDSM practitioner - you will be able to process them in a safe and supportive environment, address unresolved trauma and experience personal growth³.

Altered States of Consciousness

Psychologist Brad Sagarin's latest paper investigates how sadomasochistic activities induce altered states of consciousness in the brain where we lose distinction between ourselves and the universe. Dominants show evidence of flow whilst submissives enter subspace - a pleasureable, timeless, almost floating feeling⁴.

Erotic Spirituality

BDSM and other parts of Erotic Spirituality - such as tantra - teaches us to embrace and honour the human body - rather than try to deny our natural sexual impulses⁵. BDSM requires a courageous will. Nervous? When something that requires courage happens, I'll just grab you by the hand (or tie you down) and say 'come on, slave'. Then all sorts of situations will be conquered. I'll push you relentlessly and won't react at all to any tears. That's not who I am.

Peak Experiences

BDSM is sacred in its role with Bonding, enabling both Dominatrix and slave to access peak human experiences of bliss, merging and ecstasy through a mutually satisfying exchange of Dominance and submission. When we access these expanded states of consciousness through BDSM experiences, we validate our intuitive sense that submission can be worship and that worship can be erotic.

O Fear Not

Bonding that satisfies our need to belong can occur in the absence of sex whenever a powerful shared experience - such as war or a major catastrophe - creates a feeling of kinship or connection. Bonding is critical to the survival of many species and also supports health and happiness⁵ .

'Extra Spanks, Hold the Major Catastrophe Please'

Of course, being chastised and spanked by a beautiful Dominant woman is much more fun (than any major catastrophe) and creates just as strong of a connection among those who practise.

It also ensures that boundaries set within your pre-existing relationships are not crossed. This makes it ideal for those seeking a powerful shared experience without utilising full-service sex providers such as escorts.

'I Will Do Anything For You Mistress'

So when we bless, purify or worship the body as part of a BDSM session, when we bond more deeply as a result of play, or when a powerful shared experience catapults us into higher consciousness, we make sexuality sacred.

For BDSM to take its rightful place as one of the Sacred Healing Arts - such as tantra, sensual touch, sex coaching - much more is required from you.

Your Call to Serve

Our time together will be used to ensure that we work well together and that you can genuinely and happily take discipline and follow orders. I have met ones who claim they can do this, dream about it, want to do it, who when it comes to it, can't. Or at least not to the extent that I need.

I have no fear of chastising you and you need to remember that you exist to please Me and this is going to be the only way you learn. It's going to be beautiful. Hug your soul. Then surrender to Me.

Madam Emilia


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