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'Good Morning, Madam'

I awake early because I want some extra time with her, my little sarah.

The first thing I see is her beautiful face. I kiss her on the forehead and she says 'Good morning, Madam.” Without speaking, I check her naked body. 'I adore you, little one' I whisper as I check to see if she is wet. She isn't. I spit on her pussy and eat it. I kiss her with her juices on my face and order her to stand. She gets out of the bed and I raise her hands up and place them palm down against the wall so that she is standing, nervous and available to for me. I push deep into her without asking and use her in silence. Afterwards, she crumbles to the floor and looks up at me whispering 'Thank you, Madam.'

She cleans my strap-on cock with her mouth and I allow her to crawl (on the floor of course!) to the bathroom to begin the process of making herself beautiful to me. I choose her clothes and lay them out for her. She makes coffee and breakfast for me and sits at my feet while I eat. Only once I have finished is she allowed to eat what I have chosen for her. I shower and she waits on the bathroom floor, head bowed, arms outstretched. After she dries me off, I watch her dress, which she has learnt to do slowly and sensually and without caring that I am watching. There is no eye contact for the next hour as we both get ready. I leave first. She bows at me as I leave and I kiss her on the cheek (if she's been good). After work, she cooks, cleans and exercises while I watch disapprovingly. She doesn't want to disappoint her ever (it would kill her!) and she is relieved when she strokes her cheek and tells her she has pleased Her.

Once she has cleaned away, she spends three to four hours training her both mentally and sexually. Corner time, pelvic floor exercises, oral technique, orgasm control and denial and tasks are all provided and learnt. She wants to be better for Her. As she has failed at some of her exercises and tasks, she is beaten with a cane, but thanks Her for caring so much about her to bother with trying to fix Her. She smiles and glows and feels the deepest love it is possible to feel. She forces her to kiss her pussy until She falls asleep. It's not sexual, there is no coming. It's just how she gently gets Her off to sleep. She has to wait for her to be completely asleep before she moves up the bed and falls asleep. With a smile. And with tears of joy at how happy she is.

How she is the most loved slave in the world.

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