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Manners maketh slave

Ten thousand hours. That's how long author Malcolm Gladwell suggests it takes to become skillful at any pursuit. Even for the greatest subs and slaves of all time, their innate submissive nature wasn't enough to achieve the level of obedience that they would eventually hope to attain. They needed to immerse themselves in their desire to be of use every single day.

'Good that you're here, My little one. I like the idea of you being 'the bottom person on the rung' and lying on the floor, waiting for instruction.'

But this can't be achieved through merely obeying a set of instructions. Instead, you are called to revel in your true submissive nature. You will be taught your place (kneeling at My feet, head bowed, waiting for your next instruction) and you will learn to learn your life. This isn't some light spanking or just a one-time experience of Her power. It's an entirely new way of life.

'Madam, help me to experience the presence of You, so that I might crawl beneath You and serve in a way that pleases You.'

Hug your soul. Then surrender to Me.

Madam Emilia


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