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Not your first rodeo, little one.

As his peer slaves were promoted one by one, Benjamin couldn't help but feel a little envious. "How come you're not nearer to Her feet yet? You deserve it," his shackled peers told him. But Ben decided to leave his servitude to Madam. "If this is Madam's plan for me, I'll just do my job well," he replied.

Several years later, Ben was finally promoted. By then, his added obedience levels enabled him to perform his service brilliantly and won him the respect of his sub-ordinates. Some of his peers, meanwhile, were still struggling with their submissive duties, as they had been promoted before they were ready. Ben realised that his Madam and Goddess had taken him the 'long way around' so that he would be better prepared for his role at Her feet.

Being made to do something over and over again, for hours, until it's perfect enough.

The shortest way isn't always the best. Sometimes a Madam pulls your leash on the longer route in life, whether it's in your slavery or other submissive endeavours, so that you're better prepared for the journey ahead. As I say, relentless. It's going to be beautiful.


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