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Open mind. Backpack. Collar.

An intriguing phenomenon, there is a video game that places you among a hundred players on a virtual island to complete until one player stands. When a player eliminates you, you continue to watch through that player's vantage point. As one observer notes, "When you inhabit another's point of view, the emotional register shifts from self-preservation to the collective whole. You begin to feel invested in the stranger who, not too longer ago, did you in."

Madam, I exist to please You. Please hurt me as much as You want to. I'll never complain.

Transformation happens when you're open to another experience, looking beyond our own horizon and encountering other's pain, fear or hopes. Our thoughts broaden. We notice things we would have missed. We ask different questions. Rather than being preoccupied with only our own ego or angst, rather than protecting what we assume we need to thrive, we joyfully pursue that higher state of servitude. Smiling through tears. Hard. Confused. Happy. Wonderful. Good to know that you love what's good for you. It's time to take control and reach out for what you need. A brutal Madam.


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