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Soul Training.

Madam's Dominance is sometimes hard to follow. She tells you to accept things. She tells you to endure a wretched slave suffering without complaining; to learn to love it; to heed the voice inside you that says, you mustn't; to lift another heavy knee to crawl. So, you must tell your soul even in its quietest moments: "Hey soul, listen up. Be silent: Do what Madam is telling you to do."

My soul waits in silence for Goddess and Her alone.
My soul, waits in silence for Goddess and Her alone.

These sound similar, but are different. The slave says something about his soul; then says something to his soul. "Waits in silence" addresses a taken choice, a settled state of being. "Wait in silence" is a slave delving into his soul to remember why he chose to serve.

Exactly. A quiet submission to Her will. That is a slave's calling - the first and highest calling when we make Her Goddess and the source of submissive release.

When have you thought Madam's Dominance for you was difficult? How can you serve in quiet submission? You may ask for help, of course, for your eventual surrender comes from Her. Now get ready to accept Madam.


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