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Tick tock. Can't wait to gag you.

A group of Mistresses and Madams were overseeing a group of labouring slaves when One of them realised She'd lost Her fine wrist watch in the windowless dungeon. The slaves searched for it in vain.

After they were close to giving up, the youngest one who'd seen them crawl about and then out the whipping room went back into the space. Soon, he emerged with the wrist watch. Asked how he'd found it by a towering Mistress, he respectfully replied: "Mistress, I just sat down in the cage and kept quiet, and soon I could hear it ticking."

As a Madam, I speak much about the value of being still. When I see this in you being calm, I am immediately pleased. If I come to the dungeon and have had a terrible day in the City, then to have a slave who is a centre of calm for Me will be very useful indeed.

I want you to be of use to Me. Even if I have to beat you to shape something decent.

It bodes well that you read this and understand exactly that. You're here for a reason. I imagine watching you carry out some task genuinely - genuinely - caring about how you do it. Watching you take My first open palm for Me. You shaking but in a place of total calm. This is how you need to expect to live from now on. On edge, but beautifully calm and in sub space. Wonderful.

Tick tock. Can't want to gag you.


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